About Lorenzo Louden

Lorenzo Louden is the CEO and co-founder of Tower of Refuge, Inc., along with his wife, Associate Director Bevey Louden. Their nonprofit organization is dedicated to the successful reintegration of former inmates into society while reducing recidivism and promoting reconciliation with their families. With a sincere commitment to the Lord, they are motivated to facilitate victory and success in the lives of those who are at risk of going back to prison.

Lorenzo was born into a broken family on the Westside of Chicago. He found loyalty and support as a member of a prominent Chicago street gang. A life of crime led to his arrest in 1977. He received an indeterminate sentence of fifty to sixty years in the Illinois State prison system. While incarcerated, he advanced through the ranks of the Chicago gang mob. In 1987, he amicably severed ties with the organization. In 1991, he gave his life to Christ.

After serving seventeen years, Lorenzo was granted parole in 1994. He reentered society with four associate degrees. Thanks to his commitment to excellence, he has been recognized with awards by The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, the State of Illinois 97th General Assembly House of Representatives, the Board of Directors of Tower of Refuge, Inc., and One In A Million, Inc.

The author lives in Springfield, Illinois with his wife, Bevey, and their blended family. He teaches at Logan Correctional Center and is an active leader at the Power of Change Christian Church in Cahokia, Illinois. He believes that, “God has set a path for each of us, although we may stray from that path from time to time. We have power over our destiny. It’s up to us what kind of legacy we want to leave behind when we finally depart this earth.”

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