A Soldier's Redemption: The life of Gangster, Shorty G

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208 pages

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A Soldier’s Redemption is the true story of the remarkable and miraculous transformation of notorious Chicago gangster, Lorenzo Louden, also known as Shorty G.

As our story opens in 1961, an African American boy known as Ardie looks after himself and his baby sister while his mother goes off to her mysterious night job. He meets many of his mother’s “wives in law,” and many honorary “uncles,” who teach him the rules of the street—a man protects his loved ones, keeps his word, only points a gun if he intends to use it, and never lets anyone take anything from him. He has never met his father.


About Lorenzo Louden

Lorenzo Louden is the CEO and co-founder of Tower of Refuge, Inc., along with his wife, Associate Director Bevey Louden. Their nonprofit organization is dedicated to the successful reintegration of former inmates into society while reducing recidivism and promoting reconciliation with their families. With a sincere commitment to the Lord, they are motivated to facilitate victory and success in the lives of those who are at risk of going back to prison.



For a long time, I figured any book I ever wrote about my life would have to be written from my cell. In those days, I was known to the State of Illinois by a number, and to Folks in the Family as Shorty G. Plenty of the Folks are still doing their time. Plenty of them are still out there in their madness. Some of them are dead. Thanks to God’s grace and forgiveness, I was given a second chance.


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